We recognize that supporting women is the key to enhancing the lives of every family.In addition to skills acquisition,

we aim to assist woman on a professional level to access female specialist doctors, psychologists,

health providers, translators, and care providers as needed.

Food Diplomacy Project 

This project will be conducted with a select group of Syrian and Turkish women who will cook a menu of their cuisines for a restaurant and/or a hotel in the Cappadocia region on a regular basis for a year.The food will be prepared in the kitchen of the designated premises, and served to attendees by the  women as a meet and greet session. The events will be advertised within the community and the tourism sector of the region, with the aim of giving these women a platform to share their cultural backgrounds with the local community as well as with tourists, increasing social outlook, tolerance and cohesion.

Our first Food Diplomacy Project has already been very successfully implemented with Syrian woman and local Turkish woman collaborating to showcase traditional dishes as part of the famous CAPPADOX Festival 

Syrian Cooking School Project

We envision the success of the Food Diplomacy Project will extend to include a Cooking School with regular cooking classes for locals and tourists at the HHT community center.

Classes will be provided by both Syrian and local Turkish women.

Please see Our Blog for updates on all projects and events.

Targeted Growth Project

 This project is ongoing and aims to help refugee women achieve economic self-sustainability by teaching them new skills, providing them with the means of producing salable items,and bringing the products they produce to our local and online market places.

These projects will provide refugee women with a supplementary income, and more importantly give them a path to self-determination.

These projects will be based in our community center, so that women have a place where they are comfortable and secure,and where their children will have access to supervised supplementary play and homework activities.


Please see Our Blog for updates on all projects and events.