Helping Hands Turkey needs funds to help us help those displaced

from their homeland with projects designed to provide sustainability,therapeutic experiences, skills workshops, community integration,and much more.

With your donations,we can build and maintain these and future projects for the benefit of Syrian refugees and the wider community.

With over 4.7 million refugees and 6.6 million internally displaced persons, Syria is now the largest humanitarian crisis of our lifetime.Across Turkey, aid agencies are doing their best for Syrian refugees,but those in small towns like ours in Ortahisar, Cappadocia are often overlooked.We have a sizeable number of Syrian refugees living in our area who struggle with providing the very basics for families as well as orphans in their care.


As there are currently no long term development programs in our area targeting health and well being,language skills, and community integration..... we decided to help as much as we can.

We are not only supporting our local community but assist where we can to support Askida Elbise in Nevsehir which provides clothing and food assistance to the regions' 15,000 refugees.


Our Team

We are all skilled professionals, local business owners and volunteers, both Turkish and foreign expats, who are dedicated  to helping Syrian refugees and all those in our community in need.

Our aim is to implement long term sustainable solutions through community driven aid, youth mentorship, and  projects for woman and children.


Our Partners

We are currently partnering with many like-minded charities both locally and internationally.


Some have led the way, linking us with agencies targeting refugee's immediate needs,while others are working together with us so our projects can reach a greater number of families and children.,


We continue to be motivated and inspired  to make our aims a reality.