Your donations have helped us to create and sustain a safe and inspiring environment for

Woman, Children and Youth.


As Helping Hands Turkey continues to grow we have centralized our activities within our newly established Community Centre and are now able to provide a safe, calm, and inspiring environment for the women and children in our community.


Our Helping Hands Community Center is a centralized innovative space where Syrian refugee women, children and youth can turn their passions and ideas into realities.It is a place where they can build strong relationships with peers and mentors, and learn skills that will positively impact their futures.

It is the centre for our 'Woman Grow' Projects so the additional benefit of involving women in centralized community activities is they will always bring their children with them. Helping Hands Turkey has a continuing program of child therapy art classes and group learning activities, so our vibrant new community center encourages the children to continue to develop with this program and inspire future programs.