Psychosocial Support


  Art sessions for Healing 

Special Needs + Mental Health

Peace Building + Intergration

Our hugely successful Psychosocial Support  classes have been professionally designed and presented to engage and inspire young minds, heal the trauma of war, and help young refugee children to cultivate dreams of a bright, confident future.

Art Therapy for PTSD

We have been working collaboratively to provide art support to Syrian children for over 18 months , with huge success.

Our trained staff have created and directed activities such as the "Nomadic Heroes" and "Fantastic Heroes" projects for Ortahisar's Syrian children, who are o often traumatized, withdrawn, and socially excluded, to highlight their potential and give them the visibility,personal strength, and healing they deserve.


Our most successful project to date has been the 'Wishing Tree' Project (pictures of which feature on our home page).This project asked the children to articulate, dream, and wish for a brighter future for themselves and their loved ones.The improvements in the refugee childrens' behavior, desire to speak, and general well-being has been enormous.

See Our Blog for an update on all our projects 

Special Needs


Mental Health

Faced with an ongoing war, many of our refugee children and families suffer ongoing mental health problems that include depression, withdrawal and anxiety.International studies indicate that 45% of all Syrian refugees suffer some form of psychological problems as they have often faced  hardship,hunger,loss,death,separation,extortion and abuse..

War-torn children are particularly vulnerable through direct trauma exposure as well through their parents' responses.In spite of the overwhelming trauma, Syrian children are so resilient.They smile, play and adapt quickly.The same child who drew a picture of death and bombs will be drawing flowers, and happy faces after a few sessions of art classes. He or She can grow up to become a doctor, a teacher, or an engineer..

We have staff trained in psychosocial and special needs  support who are dedicated to creating a brighter future for all our refugee families.

Peace Building + Intergration

One of our greatest challenges in smaller communities is to encourage peace building and integration between local and refugee populations.What was once seen by local Turkish people as temporary help and assistance has been strained as the Syrian war continues for a 7th year and refugees take up roots in communities that themselves are challenged by lack of employment and lack of available housing etc  Coupled with  an inability to communicate or intergrate, tensions and conflicts that arise need to be addressed in a positive and long term manner.

Our first Food Diplomacy Project has already been very successfully implemented with Syrian woman and local Turkish woman collaborating and cooking together for a highlighted program of food related events.

With a grant from the NZ Embassy in Ankara a hugely successful Puppet Theater collaboration between our local Turkish school students and  refugee children was attended by local officials and both Turkish and Syrian families and was a first of what we hope will be many similar projects to encourage the intergration of children and to positively impact  the attitudes of  both groups of parents..We are currently working on taking the Puppet Theater 'on the road 'to district schools and refugee centres

See Our Blog for updates on all our projects