providing household goods
Food Boxes
New Winter boots
New winter jackets and hats
Everyone needs a home!


EMERGENCY FOOD PARCELS are provided to newly arrived or destitute families, including baby boxes with essential supplies for mothers and infants.

ACCOMMODATION, RENT ASSISTANCE, HOUSEHOLD SUPPLIES. We assist in finding suitable accommodation, providing emergency rent, white goods and furniture, as well as coal for the winter months.

ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANCE We assist with local administrative processes for registration and applications for aid from Turkish governmental and non-governmental agencies.

MEDICAL ASSISTANCE. We assist medical cases by providing support where appropriate; as a first point of contact for those unfamiliar with what medical assistance is available to them, transportation to/from medical centers or hospitals, assistance with translations, as well as assistance to access follow up care if necessary.

SCHOOL SUPPLIES. Thanks to a recent initiative by the Turkish government, some of our refugee children are now attending school for the first time in the six years since the war began. They are desperate for school bags and school supplies, and need these items urgently.

For those who live locally and wish to donate needed items, please feel free to contact us for drop off points.

Our thanks to friends, family and so many from local and international communities 

who have donated supplies and money. It has made a big difference in the lives of many.

  Aid Assistance


Often refugee families arrive in our region with only the clothes on their backs so your donations to our Aid Assistance project helps us to respond quickly and effectively to the immediate needs of new and existing refugees for access to food, clothing, warm blankets, accommodation and general material and logistic assistance to help them to survive.